Baiyun City Hotel


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  • Restaurant waiter

    Restaurant waiter

    Responsibilities: 1, responsible for opening the preparatory work before a meal, improve health around the business, keep the restaurant clean and tidy environment, ensuring cutler...

  • Kitchen workers

    Kitchen workers

    Responsibilities: 1, to convey food and beverage department or chef relevant notification, and precautions; 2. To cook with good ingredients needed to ensure fresh ingredients an...

  • Security Guard Jobs

    Security Guard Jobs

    Responsibilities: 1, responsible for the safety and security of the hotel area; 2, responsible for order in the lobby and in front of the maintenance work; 3, other matters assigne...

  • Urgent room attendant

    Urgent room attendant

    Responsibilities: Responsible for housekeeping, check and check-out. Qualifications: more than a year of work experience in the hotel rooms and 40 years of age. Working time: 5 d...

Baiyun City Hotel

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