Baiyun City Hotel


Excellent service, comfortable rooms, the best price!

One. Service Hours

1, we offer you 24 hours a day service, holiday service as usual.

2. If you can not access, you can call our Reservations 7x24 hour free 020-86666889

Two. Booking time

1, we recommend you to book in advance to 2-3 days.

2, but the holidays, the best tourist season during the exhibition or 5-6 days in advance to book, to prevent the hotel fully booked.

Three. After submitting the order confirmation time

After you submit your order, we usually within 30 minutes by telephone respond to you, such as special circumstances (such as the hotel is busy, the system error message delay, etc.) will be delayed, if you still do not receive the message within 60 minutes, please Login individual centers or call 020-86666889 query, we will try to solve your problem.

Four. Price and room rate

1, the room rate includes service charge is not included other hotel charges and taxes. If you do not have other special requirements, you only pay the hotel when booking system calculates the total room rate, do not need to pay additional fees.

Five. Check-in, check-out time

1, according to international practice, the hotel is recommended check-in time is 14:00, as early may need to wait. Check-out time is noon 12: 00.2, such as early check-in or late check-out, according to the different requirements of the hotel, some hotels may charge an extra fee required.

Six. Retention time

1, unless otherwise indicated on the order form, in general, will be held until 18:00 on arrival day, out of date will not be retained. If you arrive later than 18:00 hotel must provide Paypal, micro-channel payment or remittance guarantee.

2, if the train was late, or because of other special circumstances can not arrive Hotel, the hotel front desk to explain the situation, and explain approximate arrival time, so the hotel will give you a delay reserved. Due to arrive over the latest arrival time and without notice of the hotel, should bear the consequences of its own.

Seven. Paid back the principal

1, when the large-scale exhibition held during the holidays or during the tourist season and other stressful situations hotel rooms, the hotel requires you to be paying back the advance paid to the hotel to guarantee your booking can successfully get OK.

2, need prepaid orders once confirmed will not be canceled or modified. So please consider carefully before completing the order guarantee if you modify the itinerary, in order to avoid unnecessary losses caused to you. If you did not agree on the order of time or the number of rooms to stay, pay back the principal will not be refunded.

Baiyun City Hotel

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